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Production & Shipping


Production & Shipping Time: We always produce fresh goods as per order. Manufacturing time depends on order quantity but normally it will take 7days to 65days (lower to high order quantity). However, we will always endeavor to deliver within the time quoted. We have 5 production units loaded with quality equipments of FORGING, STAMPING, AUTO PUNCHING, GRINDING, DRILLING, FINISHING, ELECTRO PLATING, PRESSURE DYE CASTING etc. Other machines shall avail basis on your requirement. We are running 5 production units with more than 330 workers & 60 workers as a backup. We can produce any handle in various kinds of materials: BRASS, STAINLESS STEEL (all grades), STEEL, IRON SHEET, IRON CASTED, ZINC/ZAMAK & ALUMINUM to maintain the prices as well as quality.

Inspection/QC: Vakrathund Exports focuses on scorcher & immaculate quality. We have our own qualified QC staffs that do his job as a customer, not like a seller. A part of that we personally invite our customers to visit our factory at any time for inspection. We will borne two days hotel expenses for our customer & provide personal assistance from Airport to Hotel – Hotel to Factory & same in return. We always believe in work, not in words. If we sell bad quality so naturally no one can order us again. That’s why we always consider quality & prices also so you can avail GENUINE QUALITY PRODUCT.

Shipping time: It’s depends on mode of transport.
By Air: 3-5days – AIRPORT to AIRPORT + custom clearance time of your country.
By Sea: 15days to 25days – PORT to PORT + custom clearance time of your country. If country is LANDLOCK then can take 30-35days + custom clearance time of your country.

Shipping Documents: We shall arrange below mentioned documents for your export order:-
Original 3sets of Invoice list with sign & stamp.
Original 3sets of Packing list with sign & stamp.
Original 1set of Insurance on 110% of CIF value.
Original 1set of Certificate of Origin with attested Invoice.
Original 1set of *FOMR A* GSP.

*FORM A GSP* required by below countries:-

Australia* European Union:
Canada Belgium Cyprus Sweden
Japan Czech Republic Latvia Slovenia
New Zealand** Denmark Lithuania Slovakia
Norway Germany Luxembourg Finland
Switzerland Estonia Hungry United Kingdom
Turkey Greece Malta
USA*** Spain Netherlands
Republic of Belarus France Austria
Republic of Bulgaria Ireland Poland
Russian Federation Italy Portugal

* - For Australia, the main requirement is the exporter’s declaration on the normal commercial invoice.  Form A, accompanied by the normal commercial invoice, is an acceptable alternative but official certification is not required.

** - Official certification is not required.

*** - The United States does not require GSP FORM A. A declaration setting forth all pertinent detailed information concerning the production or manufacture of merchandise is considered sufficient only if requested by the district collector of customs.

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  Cabinet Handles - Ceramic
  Cabinet Handles - Classic
  Cabinet Handles - SS
  Cabinet Handles - Wood
  Cabinet Handles - Zinc
  Cabinet Handles - Furniture Handle
  Cabinet Knobs - Ceramic
  Cabinet Knobs - Classic
  Cabinet Knobs - Wood
  Cabinet Knobs - Zinc Knobs
  Entry Locks - Sets
  Entry Locks - Knobs
  Entry Locks - Knob Locks
  Entry Locks - Lever Locks
  Entry Locks - Deadbolt
  PVC Windows Handles
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  Handles with Plate
  Rose Set
  Counter Handles
  Handles Only

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